Our Deposit Scheme


This year we’ve introduced our all new payment plan on the deposit scheme, making it even easier for you to spread the cost of your festival ticket.

  1. Pay just £20 to secure your ticket. Once you’ve paid the first £20, the following payments will be taken from your card on the agreed dates each month
  2. Check your payment dates on the table
  3. Check how much each payment will be on the table
  4. Make sure you have enough cash in your account when it’s due
  5. If the card payment fails you may lose your ticket, make sure you’ve got enough in your account to cover the payment
  6. Make sure the card you first used is still valid. Payment is taken from the card you first used to secure your ticket. If your card has expired or you have lost or cancelled it, we won’t be able to take the next payment and you could lose your ticket. Please contact  Ticketmaster directly before the next payment is due if this is the case.
  7. Please note that it may take a few days for your payment to come out of your account.  Please be patient, if you have any concerns please contact your ticket agent provider customer service who can advise.






If you need to update your card details or wish to pay off your deposit ticket early, you can do this by contacting Ticketmaster’s deposit payment line on 0333 003 5930 (or 0044 333 003 5930 if dialling internationally) who can take payment and update your booking – please note this line is for deposit payments ONLY and general enquires won’t be answered.


Please click here for a full deposit breakdown for all tickets


**Tickets will be issued throughout July & August and could arrive up to a week before the event.  If you have any concerns regarding your tickets please contact the ticket agent you purchased your ticket from.**