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Our primary ‘MEDICAL CENTRE’ located near the entrance to the campsite village next to and near to the Steel Yard is open 24 hours a day across the event weekend with a wide range of fully trained medical staff including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, First Responders and Mental Health practitioners.   Our team are able to deal with the full range of emergency and urgent care medical problems and offers the same range of services as a conventional Emergency Department, including an on-site X-Ray service.  In addition to the primary MEDICAL and WELFARE points, we have various medical response teams positioned across the festival site as well as foot patrols across the campsite and event arena.


If you need Medical or First Aid assistance, and if you can, head to the MEDICAL CENTRE on site or approach a member of our First Aid or Medical teams who will be able assist.  If it’s an emergency reach out to the closest member of staff who will be able to contact our Event Control and get assistance to you; only dial 999 as a last resort as this may not be the best way of getting help to you on the festival site.
We don’t recommend that you try to make your own way off site to hospital, access to medical treatment is available on site, you may delay receiving treatment by trying to access health services elsewhere, if the medical site team do feel you need transfer to Hospital services they will make the appropriate arrangements.

Where is Welfare?

Located directly next to the Medical Centre is the ‘WELFARE TENT’ which is open 24 hours a day across the event weekend.   The Welfare Crew offers non-judgemental support to those vulnerable either through substance use, mental health, are a victim of an assault or sexual assault or those that are finding the festival environment too overwhelming in that moment.  A festival atmosphere and large crowds can be a trigger for some people, and our Welfare Tent is a safe space facilitated by trained and experienced staff where people can be cared for until they feel able to head back into the festival if they wish.

Their staff come from a range of professional backgrounds including drug and alcohol services, mental health, social care, youth, and medical services, with all staff trained in safeguarding and supporting victims of assault and recognising mental health and how to give immediate support.

The welfare team can also support you with arranging how to get home in an emergency, by making phone calls to family and friends to pick you up and then support you to the gates.


Do you have Back of House drug testing facilities? 

We continue to work with HazmatLINK who have been providing their back of house testing services at Creamfields for many years.  Their knowledge and expertise in identifying substances of concern allows us to alert festival goers based on results from our on-site lab.

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How can I get my bearings on site?

Rockstar Energy presents Creamfields is a sprawling site and can feel overwhelming. Orientate yourself by getting to know where the camping, Medical Centre, Welfare Tent, Help Tents and toilets are and use What3Words to pin your tent location.

For the best way of getting around, make sure you download our app where you can find an interactive map which will show you exactly where you are at any given time. Also, stay connected, stick with your group of friends and look out for one another, arrange a designated meeting place where you can regroup if you get separated.  The Headphone arch is an easy one to find if you’ve not attended before.


Where can I get help and information on site? 

As well as the primary Medical and Welfare points, you will also find a number of ‘HELP TENTS’, located in the Campsite village and open 24 hours a day, you will also find them dotted around the event arena (open during event arena opening hours). Supporting our existing medical, welfare and other assistance provisions on site, our trained staff are on hand to help with anything you need whether that be, losing your friends, feeling unwell, personal safety, needing a bit of space to chill out or just needing to know where the nearest water point is, whatever it is our friendly teams are on hand to assist, and if they can’t answer your question….they know someone who will!

In addition we have ‘HELP TENTS’ located inside the event arena, operating as additional support units for our medical and security teams onsite. Staffed by trained professionals including paramedics these hubs are to ensure that medical and safety help or assistance is available and close by for festival goers if they you need it.


Our ‘Info Hubs’ have been created as a meeting point for campers, a place you can go for help, assistance, a rest or even just to find out if there’s been a change to the set times – the Hubs are located in the campsites and staffed 24 hours by our friendly staff who are there to help. They might even make you a brew!

Where can I relax & unwind? 

If you’re camping be sure to check out the Campsite Village. When you fancy a chill out, it’s the place to go; with an array of hammocks for you to kick back on and shelter if the weather turns.  If you’re a Gold ticket holder your oasis lies in the Hospitality arena with a number of indoor and outdoor seating areas.

More information about the Campsite Village 



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