Please scroll to see what we are doing to make Creamfields more sustainable and what you can do to help reduce our impact on the planet.



Did you know?

  • Tents are not recyclable.
  • More tents were left behind at Creamfields North 2021 than were taken home.
  • There are too many tents left behind to go to charity.
  • If you leave your tent behind, it will be sent to be incinerated.
  • If you take your tent home, you can use it again next year.

If this is your first festival or you need a tent, please consider:

  • Buying a good-quality tent that will last you more than one festival, to see our tent buying guide please click here.
  • Borrowing a tent from a friend or family member, or
  • One of our tent rental options, so that you don’t need to set up or pack down a tent, please  click here

After the festival, please pack up and take home all of your belongings, tent and camping equipment.  Click here for our ‘Ultimate Tent Buyers Guide’



Did you know?

  • We have set a target to reduce our scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.
  • This aligns with science-based targets to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, trying to reduce the impact of climate change.

To see our Green Nation charter and find further information on our green goals, please click here



Here’s what we are doing to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from power and fuel this year:

  • Aiming to use a higher proportion of HVO biofuel than last year – It emits up to 90% less emissions than disel
  • Reducing fuel consumption on-site
  • Increasing the amount of battery storage solutions
  • Gathering data to understand and reduce our power and fuel usage in future
  • This will help us to be more efficient this year, and to work out how to be better for each Creamfields North to come


Did you know?

  • Our goal is to recycle a minimum of 40% of Creamfields waste this year.
  • There will be a two-bin system in all campsite and arena areas, with a three-bin system in food service areas.

Here is what you can put in each bin:

COMPOSTABLE waste (into bins with BROWN signs!):

  • Food packaging, except for pizza boxes, and
  • Food leftovers.

RECYCLABLE waste (into bins with GREEN signs!):

  • Empty plastic bottles,
  • Empty cans,
  • Dry, clean, paper and cardboard.

NOT RECYCLABLE waste (into bins with WHITE signs!):

  • Any flexible plastics, such as crisp packets
  • All hygiene products, including wet wipes and tissues
  • Anything else you’re not sure about.
  • And, if there is no COMPOSTABLE waste bin
  • All food packaging/containers such as pizza boxes and disposable cutlery.

Here’s what you can do to help us meet our recycling goal:

  • Pick up clear and green bin bag from the campsite Recycling Points.
  • Fill the clear bin bag with NOT RECYCLABLE waste
  • Fill the green bin bag with RECYCLABLE waste
  • Drop off full bin liners of the correct waste at the Hubs to win rewards.
  • More information on rewards can be found under “Feed our recyclers”
  • Don’t need incentives? Please drop your bins in the signposted waste points at the campsite.

In the arena, you can receive a drink voucher if you collect 50 paper cups and return them to the Cup Exchange in the main arena.



Did you know?

  • Audience travel emissions account for almost 80% of a festival’s total emissions.

Therefore, shifting how we travel can help us massively reduce our CO2 consumption, reducing our impact on the planet and making Creamfields a greener place to be.

There are many ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint, here are some suggestions:

Travel By Coach, the greenest way to travel!

The Big Green Coach can collect you from most UK cities and drop you off near the festival entrance. For every customer, 5 square feet of the Amazonian rainforest will be protected for 10 years. To make a booking, please click here

Train is close behind as a very efficient mode of transport.

We provide shuttle buses from nearby stations to the site.
Click here to pre-book your Shuttle Bus ticket.

For further train info, please click here

Car sharing is a great way to reduce your car journey’s carbon footprint.
If you are driving and your car is not full, please add passengers via “Go Car Share”. You will be rewarded with ‘Gold’ prize to be redeemed at the campsite hubs.


Train not plane!
If you are travelling from abroad, please try to use trains where you can.



Did you know?

  • We offer incentives for waste collection and recycling in our campsites and arenas

In the Campsite: Recycling Rewards

Help us keep on top of the waste and increase our recycling rate by taking part in our new reward scheme.

Speak to our Green Team onsite to find out what prizes you can win – Just keep your campsite clean, and you’re in for a chance!

In the Campsite – The Co-op Store

In the co-op store, we have an electronic deposit return machine. You can exchange plastic drink bottles and aluminium cans for Co-Op vouchers, which can be redeemed on site.

In the Arena – Cup Return 

You can receive a drink voucher for returning 50 cups
> Drop off 50 paper cups to the Cup Exchange and you will be rewarded with a drink* voucher which can be redeemed at all bars across the festival.

*One can of lager or single spirit and mixer.



Did you know?

To help eliminate single-use plastic, all the artists will be drinking from water bottles made from recycled plastic.

Here’s how you can help;

  • bring your reusable bottle or purchase one onsite
  • Use the water taps to refill your bottles. These are located next to all arena toilets + campsite hubs

Did you know?

We will also be reducing water use by installing compostable toilets.

Click here for more info