Tent-Buying Guide

The ultimate Creamfields tent-buying guide is here! 

Have you thought about your living quarters for this year’s Creamfields?  

The countdown is on and if you’re camping with us then you’ll be keen to make sure you’ve got a suitable tent for the weekend. Before you make a rushed purchase though, why not read our handy guide to buying the ultimate tent

Whether you are attending as part of a family, a group, or even on your own, we are all responsible not just for our belongings, but also for leaving the site nice and tidy and being responsible campers. So here some handy hints when it comes to tenting –

Do you even need to buy a new tent?  
Got a tent in the loft or shed? Got a friend or family member who has a decent tent of their own? Get it out and set it up the garden – if it’s in decent condition then why spend money on a new tent in the first place!
Invest in a tent that isn’t going to let you down. 
So you went into the loft to find your old tent full of holes, and the one your uncle lent you is as much use as a wet paper bag. It’s time to hit the tent shops. Spend a bit of money on a decent tent with a good waterproof rating and solid reviews. The old saying “buy it cheap, buy it twice” is going to haunt you if you’re spending the festival damp and wet. Remember to check the “HH” rating which is how waterproof the tent is – you probably want to aim for over 5000 if it’s a wet weekend.
Avoid a pop-up tent unless you’re certain. 
Easy to put up….not so easy to take down, especially after a long weekend. They don’t tend to last as long either, and cheaper build might make for less than comfortable weekend. Invest in something sturdy.
Take it home! 
Goes without saying but a responsible festival goer tidies up after themselves. Take your tent home with you after the weekend is over. After all, you’ve invested in a decent one, would be a huge waste to only use it once!

If you do have a pop-up tent, see our handy guide here on how to pack one away –  How To Take Down Coleman Pop Up Tent | Close Coleman Pop Up Tent – YouTube 

There are bins on-site…. 
There will be plenty of bins on-site to discard your rubbish at the end of the weekend. However…

…tents don’t all get recycled 
Contrary to popular belief, most tents left behind at festivals don’t get donated or recycled, and simply end up in an energy from waste incinerator. Care for our planet, and make sure you take your tent back home.