Creamfields Introduces New Measures to Combat Trespassing on Festival Site

Creamfields, returns to Daresbury in Cheshire this August Bank Holiday and is taking decisive action to address the issue of trespassers infiltrating the festival site after the show has finished. Each year, following the conclusion of the festival, individuals, including families with children, trespass onto the site while it is still undergoing dismantling, causing serious issues and posing significant risks to themselves, festival staff, and local residents.

Following an increase in recent years, Creamfields will enforce a zero tolerance approach this year implementing a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with Cheshire Police and Halton Borough Council, to deter trespassing and ensure the safety of all involved. The new measures aim to safeguard both the festival site and the surrounding community.

A Creamfields spokesperson saidWe take the safety and well-being of our attendees, staff, and local residents very seriously, and what appears to be harmless, can have serious consequences. The influx of trespassers onto the festival site after its closure not only disrupts the festival operation at a critical time in what is a hazardous zone, but also poses a danger to themselves and to those still working at the event. This year, we are committed to preventing such incidents through a robust plan in partnership with the police and local authority.”

Superintendent Sarah Heath said: “Cheshire Police are supporting Creamfields with their plans to deter trespassing and keep people safe once the festival comes to an end. There will be an increased police presence working in collaboration with Creamfields’ security who will be enforcing trespassing laws and swiftly addressing any breaches of security. Officers will also be in and around the local community speaking to people about the dangers of trespassing after the event has finished.

“We will not accept any criminal behaviour which poses a risk to event attendees, staff or the wider community during or after the event – and will be working hard, alongside Creamfields, to make sure everyone can enjoy the festival safely and respectfully.


Key components of the new plan include:

Enhanced Security Measures: Creamfields will bolster security protocols to prevent unauthorised access to the festival site during the dismantling process. Security personnel will be deployed strategically to monitor the perimeter and deter trespassers effectively. Increased CCTV: The Event Control operation will be extended for additional days to monitor and combat trespassers attempting to gain access to the site including 24-hour CCTV and drone operation.

• ANPR recognition monitoring vehicles around the festival site and Penalty Charge Notices issued to vehicles blocking important local access roads and gates.

Collaboration with Cheshire Police: Creamfields will work closely with Cheshire Police to enforce trespassing laws and swiftly address any breaches of security. Increased police presence will work in collaboration with the festival’s security measures, ensuring a coordinated response to potential trespassing incidents.

Community Engagement and Education: Creamfields will engage with the local community to raise awareness about the dangers of trespassing on the festival site after its closure. Extended operational hours of the Resident line

• Additionally, educational initiatives will be launched to inform attendees about the importance of adhering to safety protocols and respecting the festival’s guidelines.

Formal Access Procedure: Individuals seeking access to the festival site for legitimate purposes, such as recycling leftover equipment, are required to follow a formal application process. Upon approval, they will receive a comprehensive health and safety induction to ensure their safety and well-being whilst on-site.

• In addition, a new sustainability initiative will be launched in collaboration with BetterNotStop, to create better customer awareness about the impact leaving their tents has on the environment. Forming part of a 5-year plan, the campaign which will run alongside the existing sustainability plan, will aim to change customer behaviour, and encourage and incentivise festival goers to take their tents home and leave no trace behind.


The festival remains committed to prioritising safety and security at the event and by working together with relevant agencies and the local community aims to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Applications to be submitted here for those wanting to apply to salvage at the event or email or email